About Me 👈

Bumping Unity Projects, UPM Packages and Monorepos

Wondering how to SemVer-bump your Unity stuff without manual file editing? Look no further.

ramblingunitynode.js February 21, 2020

DOTS Navigation with Auto-Jumping Agents and Movable Surfaces

Unity DOTS—ECS, Jobs, and Burst—integrated with NavMesh components. That's right, multi-threaded navigation.

unitycsharp January 25, 2020

Getting Started with Unity DOTS

Learn Unity DOTS—ECS, Jobs, and Burst—by reimplementing an infamous feature from The Oregon Trail in five minutes.

unitycsharptutorial January 20, 2020

Starting Path of Exile in 2020

A beginner's guide and advice for maximizing your Path of Exile experience.

gaming January 11, 2020

Random Number Generation with Unity DOTS

How to idiomatically generate random numbers in Burst-compilable jobs with Unity DOTS.

unitycsharptutorial January 1, 2020

Unity Demos Now on GitHub

Now you can fork or clone working code demonstrating my tutorials.

unityrambling December 31, 2019

From Milliseconds to DateTime with C Sharp

How to convert milliseconds to DateTime with C#.

csharptutorial December 23, 2019

Capitalizing the First Character in a String with C Sharp

How to capitalize the first character in a string with C#.

csharptutorial December 20, 2019

Pointing and Clicking with Unity ECS

How to select entities, or, more specifically, modify their component data, with Unity ECS.

unitycsharptutorial December 19, 2019

Stranded in Dallas

How I got stranded in Dallas and lost sleep I will never get back.

rambling December 15, 2019

Uncle Reese

I'm an uncle!

rambling December 9, 2019

Why Your JavaScript Dates Are Wrong

Are you finding that output from Date.getDay, Date.getMonth or Date.getTimezoneOffset seems wrong? Learn how to fix that here.

javascripttutorial November 19, 2019

Wtf Is the Neo 2?

I review the Neo 2, a surprising digital typewriter from the year 2007.

review November 18, 2019

Converting a Title to a Filename in JavaScript

Learn how to convert a title string to a filename in JavaScript using regex.

javascripttutorial November 17, 2019

Checking File Existence with Node.js

Learn how to check if a file exists with Node.js.

javascriptnode.jstutorial November 16, 2019

Review of the System76 Darter Pro

I bought a Darter Pro by System76 (specifically the darp6 model), so here's the review of the Darter Pro... written with the Darter Pro.

review November 15, 2019

How to Run an AppImage

Learn how to run AppImage files on Linux.

linuxtutorial November 12, 2019

Sorting by Date in JavaScript

How to sort an array of objects by date in JavaScript.

javascripttutorial November 11, 2019


Reflections on learning I have an annoying congenital disorder at 27.

rambling November 10, 2019

Pointing and Clicking with Unity

How to retrieve position and GameObject information through pointing and clicking in Unity.

unitycsharptutorial November 8, 2019

Spawning Prefabs with Unity ECS

How to instantiate copies of a prefab as entities, at runtime, with Unity ECS.

unitycsharptutorial November 7, 2019

Projectile Motion with Unity DOTS

Learn how to achieve projectile motion with Unity DOTS.

unitycsharptutorial November 5, 2019

Selectively Running Systems in Scenes with Unity ECS

Learn how to selectively run jobs only in certain scenes with Unity ECS.

unitycsharptutorial November 4, 2019

Which Disease It Is I Surely Have

Am I a hypochondriac? You be the judge.

rambling November 3, 2019