A Core X, Darter Pro and GTX 1080 Walk Into a Bar

A review of the Razer Core X, using a System76 Darter Pro and Nvidia GTX 1080.

review August 7, 2020

Playing Halo: MCC Multiplayer on Linux

The Master Chief Collection over the Internet, despite EAC.

gaming July 27, 2020


The definitive brain dump relating overflows, worms, recursion, tail call optimizations, high-level code and assembly.

code June 8, 2020

BFS and DFS Demystified

Graph traversals with breadth- and depth-first search explained, including basic graph theory and JavaScript.

codetutorial June 7, 2020

A Static Site Generation Stack for Frontend Grumps

My 2020 guide for people who hate frontend web development.

web May 23, 2020

Moving During a Global Pandemic

Inadvisable advice from someone with experience doing morally and intellectually questionable things.

rambling April 11, 2020

Bumping Unity Projects, UPM Packages and Monorepos

Wondering how to SemVer-bump your Unity stuff without manual file editing? Look no further.

unity February 21, 2020

DOTS Navigation with Auto-Jumping Agents and Movable Surfaces

Unity DOTS—ECS, Jobs, and Burst—integrated with NavMesh components. That's right, multi-threaded navigation.

unitycode January 25, 2020

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