Reese Schultz

Coding, gaming and rambling.


Last updated on June 28, 2020. Created on November 6, 2019.

Hi, I'm Reese. I live in North Carolina's Research Triangle with my wife and cats. I make video games because I'm fascinated by them, particularly sandbox and role-playing games. My first title combines these genres in a wholesome way. I think you'll love what I have to reveal in the coming months, but if not, you may prefer the second title I've already prototyped and planned, because I'm insane.

Relatedly, I maintain some open source software to support my games. Sometimes I write blog posts. You probably wouldn't be surprised to find out that I also enjoy building worlds, storytelling and improvising in tabletop role-playing games. Yes, I'm passionate about games. Games, games, games. No comment on how that affects my productivity making them.

A confluence of masochism, guilt and confusion explain why I'm additionally juggling my life with a master's degree. It's online, in computer science at Georgia Tech. Mainly I'm expanding my purview with advanced topics in the field so I can program games real good. My past and professional experience writing code at Boeing and elsewhere helps with that too.

Don't be a stranger. You can follow me on Twitter via @TheReeseSchultz. Not sure why you would since I don't even know how to use it or talk to people. You can alternatively email me at, a 100% real and not made-up email address, I promise. Most people just send me pictures of hotdogs, but feel free to ask questions and seek redress for perceived slights.

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My code is released under the MIT license.