About Me 👈

Bumping Unity Projects, UPM Packages and Monorepos

Wondering how to SemVer-bump your Unity stuff without manual file editing? Look no further.

ramblingunitynode.js February 21, 2020

Unity Demos Now on GitHub

Now you can fork or clone working code demonstrating my tutorials.

unityrambling December 31, 2019

Stranded in Dallas

How I got stranded in Dallas and lost sleep I will never get back.

rambling December 15, 2019

Uncle Reese

I'm an uncle!

rambling December 9, 2019


Reflections on learning I have an annoying congenital disorder at 27.

rambling November 10, 2019

Which Disease It Is I Surely Have

Am I a hypochondriac? You be the judge.

rambling November 3, 2019