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Starting Path of Exile in 2020

A beginner's guide and advice for maximizing your Path of Exile experience.

gaming January 11, 2020

Random Number Generation with Unity DOTS

How to idiomatically generate random numbers in Burst-compilable jobs with Unity DOTS.

unityc#tutorial January 1, 2020

Unity Demos Now on GitHub

Now you can fork or clone working code demonstrating my tutorials.

unity December 31, 2019

From Milliseconds to DateTime with C Sharp

How to convert milliseconds to DateTime with C#.

c#tutorial December 23, 2019

Capitalizing the First Character in a String with C Sharp

How to capitalize the first character in a string with C#.

c#tutorial December 20, 2019

Pointing and Clicking with Unity ECS

How to select entities, or, more specifically, modify their component data, with Unity ECS.

unityc#tutorial December 19, 2019

Stranded in Dallas

How I got stranded in Dallas and lost sleep I will never get back.

rambling December 15, 2019

Uncle Reese

I'm an uncle!

rambling December 9, 2019

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