A FixedUpdate Equivalent in Unity DOTS

How to properly create physics-related systems!

Created on February 26, 2021.

By default, systems belong to the SimulationSystemGroup, which is not called with fixed frame-rate frequency. Nested within it is another group called the FixedStepSimulationSystemGroup. As its name implies, the latter group is fixed, making it ideal for physics-related processing. Thus, here's a code snippet for creating physics-related systems at a fixed step:

using Unity.Entities;
using Unity.Jobs;
using Unity.Physics;
using Unity.Physics.Systems;
using Unity.Transforms;

public class SomePhysicalSystem : SystemBase
BuildPhysicsWorld buildPhysicsWorld => World.GetOrCreateSystem<BuildPhysicsWorld>();

protected override void OnUpdate()
.ForEach((Entity entity, ref PhysicsVelocity velocity, ref PhysicsMass mass) =>


Note the use of the UpdateInGroup and UpdateBefore attributes to ensure the correct system update order.

There is also a need to add the current dependency as input to the BuildPhysicsWorld, because, otherwise, that built-in system may not wait for physics-related changes that could have been prompted by custom processing.

To stay informed on current best practices with Unity DOTS, I recommend watching Unity's official EntityComponentSystemSamples GitHub repository, which includes physics demos.


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