What Makes Dark Reader Great

Sick of being blinded when you browse the internet? There's an add-on for that.

Created on March 16, 2021.

This is a short and sweet post about Dark Reader, which is one of my favorite add-ons.

screenshot of wikipedia having its brightness inverted by dark reader

Screenshot of Wikipedia having its brightness inverted by Dark Reader.

Dark Reader reduces eyestrain by inverting the brightness of webpages. In other words, it's "dark mode on every website." At least, that's what its Open Collective page says, where donations are made possible. The add-on is open source, and it's available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. But, be sure only to download the add-on from verified sources, because otherwise you may contract malware.

Dark Reader has its quirks. Some websites, like this one, are dark by design. For such websites, disabling Dark Reader on a case-by-case basis is recommended (and easy!). Dark Reader may reduce contrast too much in these instances, so keep an eye out. In addition to maintaining a local list of sites that should not be inverted, it's possible to update the styles and fonts applied to inverted sites. There's other adjustable options as well.

Believe it or not, you can even integrate Dark Reader with your site via npm, making dark mode support easier than ever. Furthermore, if your site's already dark, you can add it to the global ignore list, the changes to which are effective as of each Dark Reader release. If you're a developer, don't hesitate to look over Dark Reader's README.

You must try this add-on!


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