Stranded in Dallas

How I got stranded in Dallas and lost sleep I will never get back.

Last updated on June 10, 2020. Created on December 15, 2019.

My flight from St. Louis was late because of course it was. I was stranded in Dallas from the night of December 15th to the ensuing morning, when the next connecting flight would be available. Worse things have happened, but I will nonetheless document the experience as a series of steps:

  1. Book roundtrip flight to St. Louis months ago.
  2. Fly to St. Louis.
  3. Drive to Southern Illinois.
  4. See my niece and write a brief blog post about her.
  5. Drive back to St. Louis during winter storm.
  6. Snow is sticking to the interstate and there is literal ice rain.
  7. Arrive with limited time to spare, despite having left hours early.
  8. Get on plane.
  9. Watch half of Alita: Battle Angel while plane is grounded due to late baggage and de-icing.
  10. Not sure if Alita: Battle Angel is bad, or, since I'm 99% certain I'll miss my connecting flight, I'm just so irritated I currently think everything is bad.
  11. Get off plane with negative layover and decide Alita: Battle Angel is objectively bad, which irritates me even more.
  12. Arrive at Concourse A, and briskly walk to Concourse C, which is on the other side of this supersized airport.
  13. Defeated, approach an empty Gate C15; obviously I missed my flight.
  14. Walk to Gate C25, where American Airlines' customer service is located.
  15. It's around 8:45pm, and customer service tells me that the next available flight is at 6:30am (the next day), and that they already booked it for me.
  16. Realize if the airline took it upon themselves to book my next flight, this debacle is their problem, so they should accomodate me with a hotel.
  17. Customer service informs me that they will not pay for my hotel.
  18. Eat at TGI Fridays because nothing matters.
  19. Burn the roof of my mouth.
  20. Find chair with a power outlet next to it.
  21. Start writing this blog post.
  22. Never fully fall asleep because the maintenance staff is collectively whistling, and also fear for my laptop being stolen.
  23. Gate changes at 3am for no reason; walk to the newly assigned gate.
  24. Get donut and coffee at 6am.
  25. Board small Bombardier plane around 6:30am operated by an American Airlines subcontractor—maximizing the turbulence I will feel will surely help me fall asleep.
  26. Staff and fellow passengers look at me as if I'm a drug addict when, in reality, I'm just an average guy who has not slept nor changed his clothes.
  27. Get off plane, grab my baggage, and Uber home.
  28. Arrive home and wash the Dallas off me.
  29. Fire alarm falsely sounds twice while I'm trying to sleep—it has never done this before—wtf, guess that will need to be fixed.
  30. Around 5:30pm somebody wakes me up by banging on my front door and repeatedly ringing the door bell—I discover it's just some a-hole trying to serve papers to a renter who has not lived in this house for years.

Overall I would characterize this experience as not the best, rating it a 0/10.

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