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A Static Site Generation Stack for Frontend Grumps

My 2020 guide for people who hate frontend web development.

web May 23, 2020

Why Your JavaScript Dates Are Wrong

Are you finding that output from Date.getDay, Date.getMonth or Date.getTimezoneOffset seems wrong? Learn how to fix that here.

webcodetutorial November 19, 2019

Converting a Title to a Filename in JavaScript

Learn how to convert a title string to a filename in JavaScript using regex.

webcodetutorial November 17, 2019

Checking File Existence with Node.js

Learn how to check if a file exists with Node.js.

webcodetutorial November 16, 2019

Sorting by Date in JavaScript

How to sort an array of objects by date in JavaScript.

webcodetutorial November 11, 2019

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